Hardening her pretty little soul

Hardening her pretty little soul

by digby

Kyle at Right Wing watch caught Bryan Fischer accidentally spilling the beans:

Ms. Bachmann chose to get into the ring, and can’t complain if punches are thrown, nor should anyone complain on her behalf. That’s one of the reasons to question whether it’s a good idea for women to get involved in the rough and tumble of politics. I hate to see a woman attacked like Bachmann was last night, but she made herself vulnerable to it by throwing her hat into the ring...

Part of the problem here is that when a women mixes it up in the political arena, and gets punched, she must punch back. The danger to the woman here is that every time she punches back, which she must do, she hardens a little bit of her soul and sacrifices a little bit of her femininity. I’m not sure that’s a good trade. But each woman needs to make that choice for herself. No one else can or should make that decision for her.

Well, that's big of him. But it isn't exactly a ringing endorsement of Tea Party Christian heroine Michele Bachman, is it? I wonder how much of that thinking is common inside those circles --- she may be their favorite daughter, but she's still just a girl.

(I also guess it's fairly clear that Fischer thinks Real Women take their punches in good grace and don't "harden their souls" by punching back. I'm not surprised, of course. If God wanted women to defend themselves against men he would have given them big, manly muscles to do it with.)

This is the ultimate Christian Right radio host, by the way ---- all the GOP candidates flock to him.