Picture this

Picture this

by digby

Somebody tell me again that the culture war is over.

David Limbaugh, the conservative author and brother of Rush, tweets an image you're likely to see again.

Hmmm. I've been told that it's very wrong to make fun of this guy:

Yeah, that's the same studly man in uniform.

Never mind the fact that Perry was 22 in 1972, when all the true blue cadets of his age were still trying to evade the draft. Obama is 11 years younger than him and was 22 in 1983, when Ronnie Reagan was single handedly winning the cold war.

Look, I have plenty of respect for the military. I grew up in it. But the idea that this costumed fool deserves some kind of special dispensation to punch hippies because he wore a (closetful of) uniforms is a very sad comment on liberalism. They aren't playing by the same rules:

UPDATE: Perry spokesman Mark Miner emailed this response: "A picture is worth a thousand words.

Yes it is. That letterman sweater is just dreamy. I think it looked better on Frankie Avalon though.