Some of my best friends are corporations

Some of my best friends are corporations

by digby

Maybe he isn't weird, but he sure is a doofus:
The first two questioners pointedly asked Romney why he wouldn't raise the cap on Social Security taxes, or promise not to cut benefits in Medicare.

"If you want to speak, you can speak. But right now, it's my turn," Romney said, raising his voice toward the questioners, who bantered back-and-forth with him.

The tentative GOP presidential frontrunner accused the hecklers of wanting to raise taxes. The back-and-forth persisted throughout the Q-and-A period, which took place at the Des Moines Register booth at the Iowa State Fair.

"If you don't like my answer, you can go vote for someone else," he said. "If you want someone who will raise taxes, you can vote for Barack Obama."

Romney also made a defense of his free-market belief with a line sure to be dredged up by his political opponents: "Corporations are people, my friends."