Stormy weather

Stormy Weather

by digby

I'm sure everyone is glued to the TV watching the intrepid reporters get wet, but in case you are at work or don't have a TV, TPM is doing a nice job with updates about the storm. From what I gather it's not as intense as feared, but it's huge and looks as if it's going to cause a major headache at the very least.

If you prefer learning about the the storm in the style of a History Channel documentary on Hitler's invasion of Poland, go to The Weather Channel:

Stay thirsty my friends.

Update: I just learned that Ron Paul thinks America doesn't need FEMA citing the self-sufficiency of the people of Galveston in its epic 1900 Hurricane, suggesting that the US should go back to those times. I'm sure they were very brave. It was an awful storm.

But I think we can do better than this in 2011: