There's Still Time by David Atkins

There's still time
by David Atkins (thereisnospoon)

Consider this post a friendly reminder that there is still time to help out with the recall efforts in Wisconsin. The Progressive Change Committee and Democracy for America have an easy-to-use web tool for making calls to Wisconsin voters to help turn the tide back against the ultra-wingnut takeover of the Badger State.

Turnout is a mixed bag so far, and the pollsters say these races are very close and will depend on turnout. There are still three hours left for voters to get to the polls, and the period from 5-8 pm is crucial for turnout operations to get folks who feel tired and hungry after coming home from work, to make that extra push to get out and vote.

Every call you make helps ensure that Scott Walker's destruction of the rights of working Americans stops today.

There may not be much we can do to affect the economy or change the mind of Washington about austerity. But this is something we can do. Please make some calls today and strike a blow for democracy, the middle class, and working people across America.