Village Confidence Men

Village Confidence Men

by digby

Did someone say "out of touch?"

Washington, D.C., led the nation in economic confidence during the first half of 2011... Its 12-point increase in confidence compared with the same period a year ago expanded its lead.

Ok, so DC scores higher on the economic confidence index. But get a load of this, courtesy of Catherine Rampell at the NY Times:

Not only does Washington have the highest index value of any state or district in the country, it’s also the only place where the index value is positive.

Here are the top 10 states in terms of overall economic confidence:

North Dakota is next most confident. And it's 23 points less confident that DC --- and 13 points in the "not confident" side of the ledger. Click the Gallup link to see just how unconfident the rest of the nation is.