The best political team on television?

The best political team on television?

by digby

I can hardly believe what I'm seeing: Breitbart's creature Dana Loasch is on CNN with Ali Velshi and John King, doing economic "analysis" and critiquing the President's jobs plan as if she is some sort of expert. Velshi is doing a good job of exploding the myth that "the government doesn't have a revenue problem it has a spending problem" and he blames the Tea Party for it. He points out that the best way to fix the deficit is to grow the economy and even challenges the whole "household budget" thing. Huzzah! Then John King says it isn't the Tea Party's fault and blames the American people because they elected a leftwing president and a rightwing congress.

Loesch, in her guise as a normal person, replies that there really isn't a disagreement about this at all and that the "grassroots" (is "Tea Party" out of vogue these days?) believes that instead of redistributing wealth they should "expand the tax base" and if you look at the past six decades, "it's proven." She cleverly avoids saying what she means by that: that poor people don't pay enough taxes.

Now she's complaining that Obama didn't fulfill his promises, which she evidently wants people to think she supported, and says "the grassroots" want him to cut taxes, end regulations and pass the Keystone Pipeline project.

Why is she on my TV?

Update: I have my answer. Doh. The CNN-Tea party debate is tonight. And that's shocking and disgusting in itself.