Snippy Tuck --- the most puerile political celebrity in the nation doubles down

Snippy Tuck

by digby

The Daily Caller must insist that all of its employees channel Tucker Carlson's puerile snottiness or lose their jobs. Even when they are are caught outright botching a story so badly that they look like total blithering idiots, here's the response of the "Executive Editor":

"The EPA is well-known for expanding its reach, especially regarding greenhouse gas emissions. What's 'comically wrong' is the idea that half of Washington won't admit it. The EPA's own court filing speaks volumes," Martosko said in an email.

"What's more likely: that the Obama administration's EPA wants to limit its own power, or that it's interested in dramatically increasing its reach and budget? Anyone who has spent more than a few months in Washington knows the answer," he added. "The suggestion that the EPA — this EPA in particular — is going to court to limit its own growth is the funniest thing I've seen since Nancy Grace's nipple-slip."

The truth is that it is (it's a legal case, click the link to read the explanation), the Daily Caller has been shown to be pathetic fools --- and Tucker Carlson and his minions, like the petulant children they are, refuse to admit they were wrong.

Recall this sad little episode back in the day when Carlson would pollute the airwaves on a regular basis. That anecdote was almost certainly a total lie from beginning to end.