Ephemeral Headline

By tristero

You won't see headlines like this one for much longer: Will Extremists Hijack Occupy Wall Sreet? What was so striking about it was the acknowledgment by a major player in the MSM that Occupy Wall St is not an extremist movement.

But that's so four hours ago. Here's the new reality and the headlines going forward will read - yep, you guessed it! - "Extremists Hijack Occupy Wall Street." That's because once the tear gas falls, the media will inevitably characterize the victims of Establishment violence as extremists, despite the fact they are not. (See Riots, Chicago, 1968.)

And so it goes.

(And oh, how dearly I want to be proven wrong about my cynicism.)


PS: Thanks, everyone for the kind comments below. Obviously, the hearing issues I've been dealing with are taking up a lot of time that could be more fruitfully spent bashing Republican tomfoolery and extremism. I also have new music to write - I just premiered a piece for a consort of viols and am working on very cool new things. I will try to post when I can.