Little League Legislation

Little League Legislation

by digby

When you see things like this, it's tempting to think one of the biggest problems in American politics is that the Democrats are a little league team playing against the Yankees. But no team can be this out of its league:

The House GOP has hit upon a way to undercut President Obama’s attacks on them and advance conservative policy goals all at once. This week, they’ll pass legislation that includes perhaps the least stimulative measure in President Obama’s jobs bill and pay for it with perhaps the most regressive measure in a recent package of deficit reducing proposals he submitted to the joint deficit super committee.

It’s a case study in the perils of offering concessions to your opponents before negotiations have begun. And it will force Democrats in both chambers, but particularly in the Senate, to decide whether to pass a proposal comprised of measures Obama’s backed in the past, even though they’ve been cherry picked to essentially constitute a Republican piece of legislation. If Senate Dems block the measure, Republicans will accuse them of wanting to pick political fights instead of passing Obama jobs legislation. If Dems pass the measure, and Obama signs it, the GOP can cite it as evidence that they’re not simply standing in the way of action on the economy.

The piece of the jobs bill Republicans will pass would end a requirement that the government withhold three percent of the cost of projects contracted out to private companies, to assure tax compliance.

That's right. They are going to end withholding taxes from corporationsa "jobs program." And how are they going to pay for it? Why, with another of President Obama's "balanced" proposals:

Republicans have selected a provision from Obama’s deficit reduction recommendations that would limit Medicaid eligibility for people who also receive Social Security benefits.
It's hard for me to imagine that nobody realized that if the Democrats put a bunch of Republican ideas in a bill that that once everyone started cherry picking pieces of it that the Republicans wouldn't be able to find some hideous combinations of regressive policies they can vote for and call it a "jobs bill." And then claim Obama had already signed off on it and dare him to veto!