"Nice!" --- cheering for disenfranchisement


by digby

This is not a big surprise:

SC voter ID law hits black precincts

By Jim Davenport

The Associated Press

South Carolina’s new voter photo identification law appears to be hitting black precincts in the state the hardest, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

For instance, nearly half the voters who cast ballots at a historically black college in Columbia lack state-issued photo identification and could face problems voting in next year’s presidential election, according to the analysis of precinct-level data provided by the state Election Commission.

What is a surprise is to see Republican operatives openly rejoicing in public about it:

Who is this Wesley Donohue who cheers the disenfranchisement of black voters?

Wesley Donehue
@wesleydonehue Columbia, South Carolina
Political operative running a campaign or two online. Follower of Christ. Southern. Host of Pub Politics.

I'm sure Christ would be so pleased.