Occupy the boardroom --- give the 1% a piece of your mind

Occupy the Boardroom --- Give the 1% a piece of your mind

by digby

There's a lot of Occupying going on today all over the world. In London they are trying to take the stock exchange. In Rome there are clashes with police. All over the US there are demonstrations. (Check here for one near you.) If you can, you should get out and join them in solidarity.

But before you leave the house today, you need to do one more thing: help us Occupy the Boardroom:

105 US cities occupied. 1499 MeetUps around the world. 50,000 people in the streets of New York and tens of thousands more in cities across the country. Wall Street occupied continuously for one month.

The Occupy Wall Street has struck a deep chord with ordinary people around the world and changed our idea of what we, the people, can accomplish by doing one simple thing: bearing witness on the very doorstep of those responsible for the global economic crisis.

Today is the biggest action yet-- the #OccupyWallStreet Global Day of Action. Today the 99% are joining together to stand up to Wall Street and the 1% who control it. In a world where the 1% prospers obscenely while the rest of us fall behind, we are demanding accountability for their crimes and telling them exactly how their actions have affected our lives.

Click here to OccupyTheBoardRoom and join in the Global Day of Action online.

Despite our growing strength, the Wall Street CEO’s and their cronies who crashed our economy still act like they can ignore us. So we're aiming our voices directly at the people who caused this global crisis by filling up their inboxes with stories of how their recklessness affected our lives.

Last year (2009), Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorganChase, received $17.5 million in pay-- not bad, especially considering that his company took $100.7 billion in taxpayer bailouts and that since then JPMorganChase has made a profit of $29.1 billion (2009-'10). Since 2009, JPMorganChase has spent tens of millions of dollars in lobbying Congress and in campaign "contributions." At the same time Chase has foreclosed on thousands of families ($74 billion worth of foreclosed homes). Millions at the top, homeless shelters at the bottom. That’s how the 1% plays the game.

Click here to Occupy the Boardroom by sharing your 99%er story with the executives at Chase.

But OccupyWallStreet has allowed us to stand up and point out, loudly and powerfully, how the greed of the 1% has trumped the need of the 99%. So while hundreds of thousands of people around the world take action in the streets, we are joining in by virtually Occupying the Board Rooms and filling up the inboxes of the 1% with the stories of the 99%.

Click here to deliver your truth to the inbox of the Executives at Chase.

This is our moment. Seize it.

That letter went out this morning to all members of Blue America and to members of online organizations all over the country. Even if you are unable or unwilling to take to the streets, this is one thing we can all do --- send the top 1% a piece of our minds. Occupy the Boardroom will make sure that they get these messages and that they are aware that the 99% is on to them.