Politico analysis by David Atkins

Politico analysis
by David Atkins ("thereisnospoon")

Politico is just now noticing the significant rhetorical shift from the White House is a headline article hilariously titled "Has Obama found his inner populist?" The article itself is vacuous and scarcely worth the read, doing little to evidence that the President has an "inner populist" streak. Nor does it even do the simple task of truly documenting evidence of the real shift in the President's tone over the the course of the last month.

The appeal of Politico is baffling. Most of what Politico does is Drudge link-baiting (Politico gets more hits from Drudge than it does from Google.) The rest of the website features political analysis that scarcely rises to college freshman level, albeit with slightly more sophisticated writing style.

It's one thing for television and radio news to be vacuous and nearly useless. Those media are not exactly suited to in-depth reporting. But the Internet should provide the perfect medium for quality journalism and real insights. The fact that Politico is considered one of the prime spots on the web for political news and analysis in America is just another sign of everything that is broken about the media in this country.