Protest Mockery

Protest Mockery

by digby

Bill O'Reilly's little ambush "producer" Jesse Waters went to the Wall Street protests and came back with a heavily edited tape:

Fox Nation has this headlined as an expose of "who's behind this" which, if you can get to the end, you'll find is Anonymous and the "Soros funded" National Lawyers Guild, which they report as also being behind the Weather Underground.

Look, it's perfectly fair for the right to make fun of the protesters. After all, turnabout is fair play and the Tea Party has provided the left with hours of mockery at their expense. But this sort of highly edited tape is cheating. Here's a fairer example of the genre:

Notice that Seder allowed these people to elaborate and didn't edit them to make them look more foolish. Sure he editorialized in the inserts, but they weren't mischaracterized.

Having said that, I'm sure many of the Wall Street protesters say foolish things. It's the nature of the beast. And frankly, the most noticeable thing that separates the two videos I posted above is that the Wall Street protesters are young and the Tea Partiers are old which, in my view, makes the latter a little less forgivable. (There's just no excuse for that lack of basic civic knowledge among politically active people my age.) O'Reilly's elderly audience will make their own judgments about that, but I think the rest of the country will see it differently.

I just wish I could have heard everything those kids were saying instead of Watters' clever little edits(which I hope he got permission to clip from each and every film company that owns the rights to those films...) Most of them sounded like they had something to say.