Those brave, brave police by David Atkins

Those brave, brave police

by David Atkins

Lieutenant John Pike at U.C. Davis was videotaped today bravely defending himself from a group of seated, immobile OWS students on the quad.

From another angle:

Clearly, you can see from the picture that Lieutenant Pike is in mortal danger. Fearing for his safety, had no choice but to use pepper spray. So says the U.C. Davis PD:

“I don’t think that was warranted,” one protester told CBS13. “It was non-violent protests, we were sitting, linking arms.”

UC Davis Police Chief Annette Spicuzza said officers used force out of concern for their own safety after they were surrounded by students.

“If you look at the video you are going to see that there were 200 people in that quad,” said Chief Spicuzza. “Hindsight is 20-20 and based on the situation we were sitting in, ultimately that was the decision that was made.”

Authorities are still reviewing video of the incident, Spicuzza added.

Dangerous, dangerous hippies. Breitbart's editor will be thrilled that they got what was coming to them. Ann Coulter helpfully suggests that the students just be shot like at Kent State.

Not that the public would get outraged much about that. After all, they weren't too terribly outraged by it last time, either.