Factoid 'O the Year: 50 percent of workers made less than $26,364 last year

Factoid 'O the Year

by digby

This would be it:

The gap between the United States’ rich and poor continued to grow last year, according to new government wage data.

With pay down and fewer jobs available, the Social Security Administration’s figures highlight one of the major issues of the Occupy Wall Street movement - widening income disparity, the Associated Press reported.

The SSA said 50 percent of workers made less than $26,364 last year — and most Americans have fewer job opportunities available to them. But the wealthiest Americans are relatively unscathed, with those earning $1 million or more jumping 18 percent from 2009.

Total employment fell again last year, dropping from 150.9 million in 2009 to 150.4 million in 2010. And in 2007, at the height of the recession, there were still 5.2 million more jobs than in 2010, the AP wrote.

So, not only are the rich getting richer, they are failing to deliver on the primary reason we are supposed to worship and revere them for their success --- job creation. There are fewer jobs today than there were at the height of the recession. Heckuva job, Galties.