Losing their religion -- rebranding capitalism

Losing their religion

by digby

So chief Republican propagandist (and deeply spiritual) Frank Luntz says that he's "frightened to death" of Occupy Wall Street because it is affecting the way people think about capitalism. But he's got some new language to brainwash the people into embracing it again without know what they're embracing.

I didn't know that the word "capitalism" is now a dirty word so they're changing it to mean something it doesn't mean at all: economic freedom."Tax the rich" is quite popular so they have to change it to "take from the rich", (which strikes me as pathetically lame). They can't say they support the "middle class" obviously, so they are going to change the term to "hardworking taxpayers."

He replaced entrepreneurs with "job creators", says they should use "waste" instead of "spending" and tells them to "always blame Washington" for everything. (You wouldn't want to blame our hard working job creators.) He says they need to say to OWS protesters that they "get it." and suggests they replace the word "compromise" with "cooperate" and they should never use the word "sacrifice" because it makes people really angry. (He's right about that one.) Oh and the word "bonus" should be replaced with "pay for performance," which is so hilarious that it proves Luntz is losing his touch.

Read the whole thing ---he gives explanations for all the changes that are quite interesting. But I think it shows just how badly the Masters of the Universe have bungled this. If the word "capitalism" is so discredited in the United States of America that the propagandists feel obliged to "re-brand" it, they've got a problem.

But perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this report is that this advice wasn't actually delivered to big Wall Street firms looking to fix their image. It was to the Republican Governors Association. If you ever wondered whose interests these people represent, I think this pretty much says it all, don't you?