Love it or leave it, hippie

Love it or leave it, hippie

by digby

Mitt goes all mid 20th century on their asses:

The protester loudly shouts a question at Romney: What does he plan to do for the 99 percent, given that he’s part of the one percent?

Romney responds:

Let me tell you something. America is a great nation, because we’re a united nation. And those who are trying to divide the nation, as you’re trying to do here, and as our president is doing, are hurting this country seriously. The right course for America is not to try to divide America, and try and divide us between one and another. It’s to come together as a nation.

And if you’ve got a better model — if you think China’s better, or Russia’s better, or Cuba’s better, or North Korea’s better — I’m glad to hear all about it.
But you know what?

America’s right, and you’re wrong.

Translation: We need to come together as a nation --- so love it or leave it commie. And that includes the Kenyan president. Republicans really do believe that the nation needs to come together --- which means do what they say or shut the hell up.

I'm sure this will play well down there in South Carolina, but he's got a way to go before he gets a standing ovation for dressing down an uppity black reporter on national television. It's a high bar. I don't know if Mittens has what it takes.