Susie's hospital bills -- give a blogga a hand

Help out a pal

by digby

Susie Madrak, writer, blogger extraordinaire had to have gallbladder surgery and it cost more than she has:

In addition to paying for the health insurance, I have a $5000 copay on the surgery and about $30,000 in assorted medical bills from when I was hospitalized previously. I don’t expect to pay all of that, but I will have to pay something.

Obviously, some of you are in the same leaky financial boat and the last thing I want is for my readers to donate to me when they’re in bad shape themselves. But for those of you who can spare a few bucks, and would like to support what I do, I’d really appreciate your help.

Click over to her page and throw in a couple of bucks if you have it. It's Ayn Rand's world and we have to live in it.