Back to the dirty-dirty

Back to the dirty-dirty

by digby

I guess this one must be for the kiddies because anyone over the age of 25 already knows more about this than they care to:

A two-part PBS special set to air in February will detail the entire life of former president Bill Clinton, from his childhood in Arkansas to his rise to the White House.

The four-hour documentary will also dedicate a full hour to his sexual dalliances and the highly publicised affair with then White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

The special will highlight many of the former president’s involvements. Mr Clinton’s former congressional campaign aide Maria Crider remembers that women were ‘literally mesmerised by this man.’

‘It was absolutely like fly on honey. And he needed that. He needed that kind of adoration,’ she said.

But at least it will be tasteful:

Producer Barak Goodman said they also did not include interviews from Ms Lewinsky or Linda Trip, saying: ‘We felt it would tilt (the project) towards sensationalism.’

The sad truth is that it is an important piece of history. But if it's another idiotic bunch of clips of aides and other Democrats going on about how deplorable the whole thing was and how they couldn't believe the president didn't tell them he was getting furtive blowjobs in the hallway, I'm not sure it will add anything to the story. If it delves into the insanity of American politics in general during that era it might be interesting.