Tristero: A Real Republican

A Real Republican

By tristero

Eyes roll, and I'm accused of being close-minded whenever I opine that yes, indeed, there are two sides to every issue, but modern day Republican candidates are on neither. They are so off the wall and so unspeakably corrupt that anyone truly serious about governance either laughs at them or reacts with revulsion.

While ably eviscerating Mitt Romney's character, Michael Tomasky reminds us that once, there actually were sane Republicans running for high elective office. Not that I think George Romney would have been worth voting for, but compared to Goldwater, compared to Nixon, compared to Ford, compared to Reagan, compared to the two Bushes, compared to the current pathetic crop of lying creeps, Romney the Elder was a downright decent man. Even if he was far removed from my politics, he represented, as Tomasky portrays him, a genuine, and serious, second side.

Yes, of course, it would be very nice if there was a genuinely viable liberal candidate to vote for instead of just one more hypercautious centrist. But it would also be very nice if there was a conservative candidate on the ballot instead of these thuggish right wing clowns with hyperactive hairdos.