Desperate right wingers search madly for reasons to excuse Trayvon Martin's killer

Desperate for a rationale

by digby

Via Little Green Footballs, I see that the forensic wingnuts are on the case:

Riehl has uncovered another media plot to drum up sympathy for Trayvon Martin — the photo of Trayvon being shown in the mainstream media has been ALTERED! BOMBSHELL!

Some people are so lacking in self-awareness it's hard to even know where to start. Dana Loesch is right there too ...

Charles Johnson explains that the "dark" picture was taken from a poster and isn't the original. But that really isn't the point. The point is that these people all obviously believe that Trayvon was actually a dark skinned African American and therefore dangerous looking young black male --- and the liberal media is covering that up. The fact that liberals don't assume that dark skin equals danger seems to have escaped their logic, but perhaps Reihl and Loesch believe the media's just worried about offending Americans who are as racist as they are.

In any case, the only reason this could possibly be relevant is that they believe if Trayvon had dark black skin along with his sinister hoodie, the Florida vigilante would have had good cause to be frightened and shoot him.

Clearly, this case has the right wing discombobulated. They desperately want to defend the shooter. He's one of them. But they just can't get a handle on how to do it. You've got a dead, unarmed 17 year old kid and a shooter on tape looking for trouble. The only defense they can come up with is that the 250 lb armed man was so frightened by the 140 lb teenager that he had to shoot him. I'm going to guess that for many of these right wing gun nuts, the kid being dark would be an exigent circumstance that explains it. It's all they've got.