Getting ready to wake the monster: Steny and the deficit

Getting ready to wake the monster

by digby

Steny and the Miscreants are getting the band back together:

Under fire from progressives for working with Republicans on legislation that would likely cut entitlements and raise taxes, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer told reporters Thursday he thinks there’s an imperative to address long-run budget deficits rationally, before the end of the election, in a way that doesn’t end the explicit guarantees of key government programs.

In a roundtable with reporters in his Capitol office, Hoyer said the group’s still a long way from achieving broad consensus, but sought to reassure critics, constituents and other observers that he opposes the GOP’s radical entitlement proposals.

“I want to emphasize, because I get beat up on, I’m for the Medicare guarantee, I’m not for a Paul Ryan alternative that eliminates the guarantee,” he said. “[Some claim] I’ve said we ought to raise the age. I haven’t said that. What I’ve said is I think everything ought to be on the table.”

Hoyer has noted that a bill devised among a coalition of Republicans and Democrats will be superior to automatic spending cuts set to take effect on Jan. 1 — the result of the Super Committee’s failure late last year. He hopes his current efforts will at least help lay the groundwork for swapping out those cuts — to both national security, Medicare providers and other domestic programs — with a more reasonable mix of tax revenues and spending reductions.

Trust him? No, I didn't think so.

The deficit monster isn't dead, he's only sleeping. And his caretakers are getting ready to throw cold water in his face right after the election. We've seen this horror movie before.