No injuries, no blood

No injuries, no blood

by digby

When Nancy Grace is the one making sense you've got a problem:

If you managed to sit through that you saw Zimmerman's good friend Mr Taffe say about 157 times that Zimmerman's injuries, including a broken nose and a bloodied head from being pounded into the pavement, were consistent with self defense.

Oops, no blood anywhere, no sign of injury:

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(This is idiotic. When I put this up an hour ago it didn't have the "exclusive" hiding the whole thing. Believe me, there's nothing showing on the back of his head. Not that you'd know that now.)

These unanswered questions about the case are truly disturbing. (They tagged Trayvon as a John Doe even though they had his ID?)

Update II: Fergawdsakes. Some people just have no sense.

But the good news is that the person who drew it assures us that she isn't racist, so it's all ok.