Running against "Obamacare" by @DavidOAtkins

Running against "Obamacare"

by David Atkins

Newt Gingrich tweets:

We ran against Obamacare in 2010 and won. We can't run against Obamacare if we have to defend Romneycare.

Like so much else that emanates from the pile of Newt, this isn't technically accurate. In 2010 Republicans scared a bunch of seniors into believing the lie that the Affordable Care Act would take money away from Medicare to pay for healthcare for the "undeserving." They didn't really run against what the Affordable Care Act actually does.

As it turns out, Romneycare is pretty popular in Massachusetts. It's not single-payer by a long shot, but it's a lot better than the system it replaced.

What Newt really means is that rather than getting away with lies about what the Affordable Care Act really does, Obama would eventually force Romney into conceding, in spite of himself and his current rhetoric, that universal healthcare really isn't so bad after all.

And it speaks volumes about the state of the modern Republican Party that the one good thing Mitt Romney did for the public is his Achilles' heel in the GOP primary.