Alex Castellanos is a creep

Alex Castellanos is a creep

by digby

If you have the chance, watch this from about four minutes in for and exchange between Rachel Maddow and the most supercilious, paternalistic, contemptuous piece of work you're likely to see anywhere on TV:

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It was good of the potted plant by the name of David Gregory to ineffectually grunt from time to time while the interrupting Castellanos was lying and lecturing to Rachel Maddow in tones usually reserved for elderly ladies and small children. how much do they pay him for this again?

Castellanos has a serious problem with women. Recall this little gem:

CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin noted on the May 20 edition of CNN's The Situation Room that "[t]here was a column in The New York Times not too long ago where it talked about some of the humor in the campaign, and the punch line was a line that was -- that Hillary Clinton was a 'white bitch.'

Moments later ... CNN political contributor Alex Castellanos interrupted, asserting, "And some women, by the way, are named that and it's accurate.
I think it's terrific that this sexist creep has such a successful career on television. I'm sure it's impossible to find anyone better.