Daddy knows best:Mitt tells the youngsters who to blame

Daddy knows best

by digby

Hey youngsters, hipster daddy-o Mitt has some advice for you:

On another topic, Romney said that he thinks the Occupy Wall Street protesters who targeted the Bank of America in Charlotte this week are too young to understand the economy or what banks do.

Asked what message he had for the protestors, Romney said, “Unfortunately, a lot of young folks haven’t had the opportunity to really understand how the economy works, and what it takes to put people to work in real jobs, and why we have banks, and what banks do. I understand — it’s a very understandable sentiment if you don’t find a job, and you can’t see rising incomes. You’re going to be angry and looking at someone to blame. But the people to blame and the person to blame is the president and the old school liberals that have not gotten this economy turned around.”

Why does that make me think of this?

Romney's policies will make all these young people into indentured servants for life. Which, in his mind, is just how it should be. It's good for business.