The President gets a letter from a citizen

The President gets a letter from a citizen

by digby

Dear Mr. President,

I think there is nothing that terrifies you political types so much as someone just blurting out the truth. Seriously, in this town that prizes “staying on message,” and “talking points,” it is hilarious to watch how upset everyone gets when someone unexpectedly lays out the facts.

Such is the case with Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who created a gasoline fire on the D.C. barbeque this weekend just because he told the truth. To recap: He took issue with your attacks on Mitt Romney over his actions while he was at Bain Capital, and he suggested Republicans are just as wrong to go after your distant past.

“This kind of stuff is nauseating to me on both sides…enough is enough,” the mayor said. He followed it up with some other comments along the lines of saying our elections ought to be about who can lead, who has the best ideas, etc…not about cheap character assassination.

So what precisely is wrong with that?

As best I can make out, he didn’t say anything untrue; most voters would agree with him; and he did not even pick sides. He just departed from the written script and I think it scared the heck out of your guys. What puzzles me is why you find his words so disturbing. After all, you’ve argued many times that we need a new age of politics that focuses less on attacks and more on solutions; less on the past and more on the future. Frankly, just a few years ago I can easily imagine you saying what Mayor Booker said.

Obviously you can run your campaign anyway you wish, and your guys must have made a pretty stern call to Mayor Booker, judging from the way he was backing and filling later on.

But I can’t help but wonder if you should have thanked him instead; for reminding you of your own belief in such things. Sure, it is hard to campaign in a positive way by building up your record and ideas, instead of tearing down the other guy’s, but is the office really worth having if you must become what you deplore to win? That’s a question not just for you, but one that every candidate ought to ask him or herself. If they did, I think we might get cleaner elections, better leaders, and a lot more of that hope you once talked about so much.



Who is "Tom" you ask? Recognize this guy?

That's right. It's Tom Foreman, a member of the best political team on television.

If Americans-Elect were still in existence, I'd nominate him for president.

Sure, comparing a criticism of Romney's main claim to expertise isn't the same in any way to the wingnut fantasy about Obama's citizenship, but that doesn't matter. Obama promised the great healer and these Villagers united in ecstasy. Since he couldn't deliver on their Tipnronnie wet dream (not for lack of trying) they hold it against him.