Broccoli Is The New Welfare Cadillac

By tristero

Go for it, people. Tell me how broccoli really is good for me. Yawn. Are you through? Good, because the only thing that matters is that, properly cooked,  Broccoli tastes great.

So, while you're scarfing down a plate full of roasted broccoli stems - the best part - you might want to take a squint at this article. Of course, the rightwing argument is totally specious. But the way their argument is worded is extremely cunning. I wonder: what if good arguments - i.e. ones that were commonsensical, i.e., ones that were liberal - were couched in rhetoric as finely honed as bad conservative arguments?

BTW: Rachel, Jon and Stephen? As great as they are, they're not in this league. Or perhaps I've missed the echoes of their rhetoric in recent comments from the Supreme Court bench re: important decisions? We need more, a lot more, work on rhetoric.