"It's the enabling attitudes of the political left"

"It's the enabling attitudes of the political left"

by digby

A comment from a right wing blog on the president's speech today:

“senseless” and “beyond reason,” adding, “We may never understand what leads anybody to terrorize their fellow human beings…

Nonsense. Of course we know what motivates some of these atrocities, it’s the enabling attitudes of the political left, the stoking of envy, jealousy, and discontent by community organizers that take an angry mob of people into a bank lobby and demand low interest loans be made to people who have no money. Of course many of those loans then go to the very movement leaders who organized the angry mobs in the first place.

It’s the class warfare rhetoric of Obama and his leftist party loyalists who blame the rich for someone’s dire circumstances. It’s the rhetoric of leftists who insist that education is every man’s right and once educated to government standards that individual then has a right to employment at a ‘living wage’. Never mind that a ‘living wage’ is never enough no matter how high the pay scale.

Now we have to sit and listen to these same leftists tell us that government can protect us, that police departments are only minutes away, that if only government agents had the power to disarm everyone, that these atrocities would never happen. Unfortunately, government agents never seem able to actually disarm the criminal, or the terrorists. But what Obama wants us all to believe is that we are defenseless sheep who can not defend ourselves, that our best strategy is to run away and hide.

The truth is, our self defense is our own responsibility. These atrocities would be over in 30 seconds if we were not a nation of cowards who have been trained to let our superiors do our fighting for us. It then becomes a situation where our superior’s use the power of government to destroy their enemies rather than protect us from people who would do us harm.

We need to regain our courage, learn to defend ourselves and stop waiting for government to come to our rescue.

They have all the answers if only we would listen.