Village poster boy: the bloodthirsty Harold Ford

Village poster boy: the bloodthirsty Harold Ford

by digby

I was going to remark upon this shocking Morning Joe segment with Harold Ford and others, but Glenn Greenwald does it so well, I'll just excerpt a piece and link to him:

You just have to watch the reaction of Ford, neocon Dan Senor, and Mike Barnacle to appreciate the soulless rot that leads people so cavalierly to defend and dismiss the continuous killing of innocent Muslims by the U.S. But it’s Ford’s smirking, self-satisfied, effete ignorance — from a warmonger whose delicately manicured hands have never been and will never be near any of the carnage he reflexively defends — that is particularly nauseating. Like most mindless defenders of U.S. violence, Ford just repeatedly utters the word “Terrorist” over and over like a hypnotic mantra.

Even after Junod describes the heinous death of the indisputably innocent American teenager, Ford just smirks and pronounces that it’s better to Kill The Terrorists than to capture them. There’s nothing unique about Harold Ford, Jr. — as I said, he’s just the personification of the standard Beltway sicknesses, and the vacant “arguments” he makes to justify drones (“THE TERRORISTS!”) are the typical ones offered up — but there’s something about the way Harold Ford, Jr. speaks here, and who he is, that really vividly conveys what motivates this mindset:

Here's the segment. And I have to agree that Ford is the most sinister of the group although they're all horrifying:

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And hey, it saves money! If we kill a few innocent teenagers in the process, it's a fair trade-off.

And yeah, "war is messy", better to keep our hands clean while we kill.

Ford truly is the very worst of the conserva-Dems, a whore for big business who never met a war he didn't slaver over. Yuck.

Here's the Junod article.