Akin's accomplished his mission --- by tristero

Akin's Accomplished His Mission

by tristero

"No exceptions" is no longer extreme; it's standard policy of a major national party. What's extreme - ie, not batshit crazy, just extreme - is believing that "legitimate rape" doesn't result in pregnancy.

Thus a restricted rape/incest exception is now a reasonable. moderate position and so Romney looks like the height of sober, serious, and thoughtful conservatism, safely in the middle of the controversy, if not actually to the left. And abortion on demand, for no reason other than that is what a woman chooses? It's so not on the table, beyond serious discussion by serious people.

Akin's won: the discourse has been shoved even more violently right than it already was. The country has lost, especially women. This is what happens when you engage extremism in the mainstream discourse instead of simply mocking and denouncing it - the unthinkable becomes plausible.

Update: From Digby

Can you see what what's missing from this picture?

I knew that you could.

You'll be glad to know that the survey has nearly 90% support for banning it with exceptions for rape and incest. That's now the "liberal" position apparently.

h/t to @SheltieDad