An American Elite in the 21st century by tristero

An American Elite In the 21st Century

By tristero

What's your definition of an American elite? Well, how about:

Lawyer. Check
Princeton and Harvard-trained. Check
Former Washington official. Check
Former solicitor general of a large state. Check
Argued cases before the Supreme Court. Check

Yep, whatever else you might think of this guy, he's unquestionably an elite, one of the most privileged individuals in the United States. He's clearly well-connected and has personally wielded considerable power, far more than most of us ever will.

And so, of course, he's the latest phony tea bagger to rise to national prominence by pretending to be an insurgent and a voice of change for the helpless, oppressed, powerless masses.

UPDATE: And now the Times is positioning him as the intellectual of the Tea Party. That's like calling Dick Cheney the St. Francis of torturers.