Balanced approach redux: the resuscitation of the confidence fairy

Balanced approach redux

by digby

This ad came out at the beginning of the month before the Ryan announcement. I was hopeful that they would drop this line since the best play is to give a simple, muscular defense of the social safety net as Joe Biden did last week with social security.

Unfortunately, he said it again today:

Still, the biggest thing Congress could do for the economy is to reach a deal on "a sensible approach" to reducing the deficit, he said. Obama specifically urged congressional leaders to revisit the revenues and spending cuts that were on the table during last year's negotiations on the debt.

"I continue to be open to seeing Congress approach this with a balanced plan that has tough spending cuts, building on the $1 trillion worth of spending cuts we've already made, but also asks for additional revenue from folks like me, folks in the top 1 or 2 percent."

That would give more "certainty" to families and small businesses.

I don't have a clue how to stop this train. Having the zombie eyed granny starver on the ticket hasn't changed their view that the Grand Bargain to slash 4 trillion in government programs in the middle of an epic slump is still great policy and even better politics. But don't worry. They'll ask millionaires to "pay a little more" so it's all good. I'm feeling more "confident" already.

Basically we have a choice between the Republican dystopian hellscape or the Democrats' long slow jobless recovery with even more insecurity for the poor and middle class. Or actually, it's more likely to be a "compromise" between the two. After all, these are the opening bids.

Pray for gridlock.