How can they be a hate group? They're one of us.

How can they be a hate group? They're members of the club.

by digby

When asked by Michaelangelo Signoreli why he doesn't think the Family Research Council should be called a hate group, here's what Village scribe Dana Milbank had to say:

“This is a group that was founded by James Dobson and was run for many years by Gary Bauer, who was a presidential candidate, a widely respected commentator around town,” he explained. “Why would would you say that’s the same sort of thing as Stormfront?”

It's not as if they're wearing white sheets, after all. (He really said that too.)

If you want to know how it's possible that extremists have taken over the Republican party with nary a peep out of the political establishment, you have your reason. The leaders are "highly respected" insiders and Very Serious People. Therefore, it's impossible for them to be hateful. Why, what would it say about Dana Milbank's judgment (and basic decency) if people thought he was associating with hatemongers?

The Village takes care of its own. And these hatemongers are definitely their own.