Imperfect messengers: the Tweety edition

Imperfect messengers: the Tweety edition

by digby

This is a fascinating exchange on Morning Joe, with Chris Matthews annoying the hell out of everyone with the truth:

My favorite moment is Tom Brokaw coming in with the "he said/she said both sides do it" commentary. The Democrats do it too, of course. And they do make unfair attacks from time to time. But on this issue, it's the Republicans who have turned it into an art form.

Matthews is often wrong, as we know. And he's very, very excitable. But in this case, he's right. The Romney campaign is using a racial strategy, there is simply no doubt about it. Even Priebus, with his ridiculous rationalization that Obama is following "european" policies is part of that whole "foreign" bullshit meme, which Matthews rightly calls him out on. That priebus seems to genuinely believe it only makes it creepier.

Of course, Matthews missed his best shot, which is that if Obamacare is European and that's a very, very bad thing, what in the hell is the RNC doing nominating the man who authored Romneycare?

This type of argument is so frustrating because its being carried by someone that sounds as though he half nuts and idiot Village elders like Brokaw and know-nothing political celebrities like Mika end up drawing false equivalences and make the two parties sound equally extreme. Still, I'm glad to see someone on TV point out what's happening in clear terms.It ain't Walter Cronkite, but it's better than nothing.