If only life were like this: a woman politician tells it like it is

If only life were like this

by digby

Oh wait ... it is!

Naturally, the political press in Australia is pooh-poohing this. her cabinet is in the midst of a bunch of scandals and she's unpopular for a variety of reasons. This is a typical reaction:

"Australians have been listening to this squabbling for the past two or three years and it just goes from one topic of squabbling to another topic of squabbling," said John Wanna, a politics academic at the Australian National University.

You put in bitch in charge and that's bound to happen, amirite?

I don't have an opinion on her politics or her government's efficacy. All I know is that I feel goodthis morning having listened to that speech. Better than I've felt in months, if you want to know the truth. Maybe people don't want to hear a powerful woman confronting a smug, sexist hypocrite head on like that, but goddamn it needed to be said by somebody. Bravo.