It's not lying if he doesn't mean it

It's not lying if he doesn't mean it

by digby

Just don't call it lying:

Strong conservatives understand that Romney was lying about being a moderate in the debates and they're perfectly comfortable with that. Gingrey has no doubt that he'll govern to the right of center, but he'll use his humility and knowledge to work across the aisle and make those sniveling left wing bitches do what they're told. (No he didn't really say that, but you know know that's what he meant)

Keep in mind that this is coming from the people who destroyed the careers of Bob Bennett, Richard Lugar, Bob Inglis and a whole lot of other Republicans because they weren't pure enough. Suddenly, none of that matters anymore and they love them some Mormon Mittster from Taxachusetts.

Somehow, I have a feeling they won't be quite a s forgiving when their new BFF loses in November. I hope Soledad O'Brien has Gingrey back on the show after the election and asks him if he thinks Romney lost because he wasn't conservative enough. I think I can guess the answer.