Romney's pathetic disaster rally

Romney's pathetic disaster rally

by digby

I know it's a tough line to walk, but I think Mitt just fell off of it:

“We’re counting on Ohio. I know the people of the Atlantic Coast are counting on Ohio and the rest of our states,” he said, after urging them to donate to the American Red Cross or another relief agency. “But I also think the people of the entire nation are counting on Ohio. Because my guess is – my guess is that if Ohio votes me in as president, I’ll be the next president of the United States.”

If the guy didn't think the best way to handle disaster relief is to introduce the profit motive, I would almost feel sorry for him. But since he has a long history of telling victims to pound sand and his budget and that of his running mate would decimate all the public services that help get people through these things, I don't. Let him remind everyone of the last GOP president who failed to rise to the occasion during a natural disaster.

This is simply embarrassing:

Romney early today bagged plans to go to Lima and Dayton Tuesday, citing Hurricane Sandy. But his campaign just sent a release: Tomorrow’s event in Dayton is on – this time as a disaster relief event where Romney may make brief remarks. The campaign is encouraging attendees to bring disaster relief supplies to the event.

Bring a can of soup to a rally in Ohio and call it disaster relief for the eastern seaboard. Please. If he wants to do disaster relief he should go "home" to Massachusetts. Unfortunately, they won't be happy to see him since he treated his constituents like dirt during disasters while he was Governor:

The entire region was under flood warnings, but the problem was especially acute along the Merrimack River, especially in the city of Lowell, where Romney's response was considered, well, leaky. The right-leaning Lowell Sun was particularly displeased.
We find it inconceivable that Gov. Mitt Romney claims the state can do nothing to help those residents still struggling to rebuild homes and businesses after the May flood. Massachusetts is sitting on millions in unspent emergency funds from Hurricane Katrina and more than $1 billion in cash reserves, yet Romney has failed to even respond to the Lowell delegation's requests to discuss additional aid for victims. The governor's spokesman — since Romney can't be bothered to comment now that the photo opportunities have dried up even though some residents' basements haven't — said the state will not consider spending its own money for flood victims until it's clear how much cash the federal government will give.

That's just how he rolls. It's how they all roll. If you don't have the job creatin' skill to put a hundred million dollars in your IRA, well ... you get what you deserve, don't you?