Atomic History: What your teachers didn't know

Atomic History

by digby

I'd just like to give a shout out to tonight's episode of The Untold History of the United States on Showtime. It' all good, but tonight's episode about Hiroshima is especially mind-blowing (no pun intended.)

To get a sense of it, this interview with Oliver Stone by Greg Mitchell will clue you in. I find myself both depressed at how little things have change and impressed that the species has so far been mature enough not to drop one of those horrible bombs again. (Not that we haven't done much that is equally reprehensible, mind you.)

Stone wrote on his Facebook page today:

For those of you protesting Untold History is not on free TV, the reason is that no free TV station would take it. It was extremely courageous of Showtime to put this on the air and we are happy that eventually it will get out to the broadest public and disseminated through the world, free, YouTube, piracy or whatever you like. This is a different kind of history.

Here is the first hour:

It's a truly great series so far, highly recommended.