Vaginal Americans delivered

Vaginal Americans delivered

by digby

In all the sturm und drang in the media this morning about the Republicans' inability to attract anyone but white people, I'm not hearing a whole lot about this:
In total, the gender gap on Tuesday added up to 18 percent -- a significantly wider margin than the 12-point gender gap in the 2008 election.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that waging a campaign against contraception was probably a bad idea. Calling women who use contraception a bunch of "sluts" was even worse. Insisting that women bear their rapists children was just the last straw.

Many people said this was a silly distraction, unworthy of a national discussion when there are so many "important" issues to decide. But for individual American women, this was a highly personal insult --- a major political Party was treating them with a level of disdain so profound that they had to assume that something very serious was afoot.

And it was. The GOP takeover in 2010 was a preview of an extreme anti-woman agenda that could no longer be ignored. As many of their male allies seemed flummoxed, women all over the country fought back publicly. They voted in very large numbers. And a whole bunch of Democratic women won their races.

Word to the wise:

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