Your daily stupid

Your daily stupid

by digby

So we had this old Cary Grant classic Room for One More on in the background this afternoon and I just heard Robert Osborne explain that after an earlier broadcast the network had been inundated by angry viewers demanding to know why they cut the word God from the pledge of allegiance in the movie. Apparently, these bozos didn't know that the movie was made two years before a bunch of McCarthyite Birchers insisted that the word be added in the 1950s. But hey, when people are angry about something stupid, I suppose there's no reason to assume they aren't dumb in a dozen different ways.

In order to allay another ignorant outburst, the channel went to great lengths this time to explain --- twice --- that they were just showing the movie as it was made and gently educate the fools out there that the word God in the Pledge of Allegiance isn't one of the Ten Commandments or written into the Bill of Rights. And then they begged people not to write in again. I guess it must have really caused a stir.