Blue America was on to this weirdo years ago

Blue America was on to this weirdo years ago

by digby

She's such a lovely lady:

More House staffers are coming forward with cautionary tales of their members-only elevator rides with Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.).

ITK last week brought you one tipster’s claims of Foxx laying the verbal smackdown on a female staffer for taking a ride on a members-only elevator. The congresswoman’s office said the story — which involved Foxx questioning the staffer’s literacy vis-à-vis the “members-only” sign — was an “exaggeration” by “disrespectful junior staffers” who will go to great lengths “just to read about themselves in the paper.”

Now more elevator horror stories are coming in.

One tipster recalls it was either the first or second week of his congressional internship in October of last year when he was running an errand to a committee room, and still had a “healthy fear of the members-only elevator.”

But after seeing a parcel deliveryman hop on one of the lifts in the Longworth House Office Building, our source stepped on, too. The deliveryman got off on the next floor, and that’s when Foxx got on.

Our insider says the congresswoman asked if he had seen the “members-only” sign outside the elevator before demanding his name and the office he worked for. “She was very intimidating, especially for a brand-new intern,” he tells ITK.

As our elevator rider describes it, “She walked up to a [Capitol] police officer and told on me for riding on her elevator, and he was as dumbfounded as I was.”

The former intern says Foxx later called the office he revealed he worked for to rat him out for riding the members-only elevator and for not being dressed in proper attire — he says he had taken off his jacket to run errands. The tipster claims Foxx said she thought of filing an “official complaint” but that she had “visibly frightened me and felt like I wouldn’t do it again.”
Another House employee says he had his own elevator encounter with Foxx last year in Longworth while taking a members-only ride with a custodial staff member.

This staffer tells ITK, “It wasn’t a voting day, so we figured we were safe.” But when Foxx stepped on the elevator, he contends she asked him whether he could read and demanded his congressional ID.

“She was actually in the process of writing the [other rider’s information] down when the elevator stopped and I stepped out.” Our spy says his quick maneuver enabled him to “escape her wrath.”

Foxx’s office didn’t respond to ITK’s request for comment on the latest elevator accounts.

Back in 2010, Blue America launched a contest to determine who was the craziest Republican. Guess who won?

At the end of July, Blue America and our pals at the Americans Fir America PAC launched the first in a series of videos that highlights what kind of people now lead the Republican Party. We featured Sarah Palin, Rand Paul and John Boehner. And we asked the readers at DWT, C&L and Digby's Hullabaloo to tell us who to do the next ad for. Lots of votes for Ken Calvert and Michele Bachmann but it was North Carolina reactionary Virginia Foxx who got the most "support."

This was the ad:

She won of course. Apparently they like 'em mean and looney in that district.