Identically Similar by tristero

Identically Similar 

by tristero

Everyone with a toe in consensual reality knows the Westboro Baptist Church are completely insane:

 Tweets from the Phelps family suggest they believe the horrors in Connecticut are a punishment from God for gay marriage.
So let's not forget that this man was considered a serious contender for the Republican nomination for president:
Then, over the weekend, on his own show, [Michael Huckabee] ... said he wasn’t merely talking about school prayer – oh, no, haters! “It’s the fact that people sue a city so we aren’t confronted with a manger scene or Christmas carol … Churches and Christian-owned businesses are told to surrender their values under the edict of government orders to provide tax-funded abortion pills.” On his Web page, he posted a version of his Fox monologue, in which he wrote, “We dismiss the notion of natural law and the notion that there are moral absolutes and seemed amazed when some kids make it their own morality to kill innocent children. We diminish and even hold in contempt the natural family of a father and mother creating and then responsibly raising the next generation and then express dismay that kids feel no real connection to their families or even the concept of a family.”