QOTD: Henry Blodget

QOTD: Henry Blodget

by digby

A rich man goes slumming in coach:

I Was Quite Surprised By Some Things On My American Airlines International 'Economy Class' Flight

Totally hilarious:
I got a free pillow. And a free blanket. I didn't necessarily expect either of those. The blanket came in a plastic pouch, and it didn't obviously have hair or any other foreign matter on it.

On a 9 hour flight, you're going to want to sleep. But when you tilt your chair back the 3 inches your chair tilts back, there's no room for your legs. You can shift your knees left and invade your neighbor's space. Or you can shift them right and try to squeeze them between the next seat up and the fuselage. Or you can try the "knee up" technique.But nothing is going to be comfortable. The traveler in the next row up appears to have developed a technique that involves jamming one's head between the window and seat ahead. Maybe I'll try that one next time.

Click over for more. It has pictures. Like this:

In the end he feels it was just great. He even got a free cookie!