The Right Going Deeper into a Scarier Place, by @DavidOAtkins

The Right Going Deeper into a Scarier Place

by David Atkins

The Beckster is eager for civil war:

Meanwhile, rightwing conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook school massacre are starting to take serious hold, leading to serious harassment of a man who helped six of the children at Sandy Hook. And the conspiracy theories don't end there. Here's a small taste of a Free Republic thread about yet another shooting at a St. Louis college:

This stuff has to be coming from some special ops group conning guys into doing this. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. Can’t be coincidence.
How convenient that this happens a day before Obama’s big propaganda speech surrounded by children..somehow I am beginning to think that these shootings are all orchestrated by the left so that they can abolish the 2nd Amendment.
Struggle (whose wordpress blog is called "killthegovernment"):
Wow, betcha Obama’s cheering for the gunman in this one. We’ll find out AFTER the power grab that he was a psychotic atheist.
rarestia, whose tagline is "It's Time to Water the Tree of Liberty":
Military-grade psyops! There's NO WAY LEOs are going to be in on something like this. If they are, we have a serious, SERIOUS problem at all levels of government in this nation. To the point that an armed rebellion and reinstitution of the basic tenets of the Constitution would be necessary.

This is live-action, real-deal theater being orchestrated by Obama and his minions. I really cannot wait for it all to come to a head. I want to either get the shooting started or die at the hands of Obama's stormtroopers.

And we’ll find out that the gunman was given a fat envelope stuffed with several thousand stuffed in it by a mysterious man wearing a suit with a pin on his lapel shortly before the shooting incident...
they are orchestrated false flags using a combo of sleeper patsies - drugged up - probably with scopolamine - and a small team of shooters. hence the two-three shooters the police caught in fatigues at sandy hook, but somehow nbever talked about and the media stopped asking about.
Not the brightest dirtbag in the dump. Now torture him for information on who put him up to it.
Charles Martel:
Once = happenstance
Twice = Coincidence
Three or more times = Enemy action.

No doubt in my mind.
We are quickly moving to a period where large sections of the country are functionally unable to even speak to each other and prepared to do violence. It's not a good place to be.