Never again? It's happening again: the scariest video you'll watch today

Never again? It's happening again: The scariest video you'll watch today.

by David Atkins

Remember Golden Dawn, the Greek fascist party that controls 20 seats in the Greek parliament? Well, in their largest demonstration since the elections, Golden Dawn held a march to the U.S. embassy last week numbering at least 5,000 people and possibly more. This is what it looked like:

Golden Dawn is also reaching out to expat Greeks and German neo-Nazis in southern Germany in order to expand its influence:

Greek community leaders in Germany have condemned the arrival of the party, also known as Chrysi Avgi, and called on authorities to clamp down on a group that they said had shown its readiness to use violence in Greece and could attempt to do the same in Germany.

Golden Dawn, which has close to 20 seats in the Greek parliament, has described the move on its website as the "answer of expat Greeks to the dirty hippies and the regime of democratic dictatorship in our homeland."

In a statement, the Bavarian office for the protection of the constitution said: "We are keeping an eye on developments."

It said Golden Dawn had "an international network of contacts, including contacts with neo-Nazis in Bavaria. These contacts are cultivated via mutual visits as well as at meetings at rightwing extremist events in Europe."

It confirmed that members of Golden Dawn and far-right German groups had organised reciprocal visits to each other's countries as well as meeting at rightwing extremist meetings outside Germany and Greece.
The Youtube comments on the Golden Dawn video above are indicative of the sentiments involved:

Awakened Whitey writes:
Beautiful. You are putting the rest of us European whites to shame boys, hopefully we can get our shit together and join you in your fight against the international parasite.
1978zeitgeist writes:
Defend your country against mirauding freeloading immigrants, and kick out their leftist traitor conspirators, or your land will not survive. Some European countries and their people will perish. Those who do, deserve their fate. Greece will not.
KyleBrink opines:
Much respect to Golden Dawn. Greece led the White race once. Maybe she will lead us again.
It goes on and on.

These are the wages of austerity. It was true in the Weimar Republic, and it's true today. "Never again" is a oft-used phrase, but it's all too empty. No number of holocaust memorials will put a stop to this. Only ending the mass immiseration of proud people via punitive austerity measures will stop it.