QOTD: Chris Hayes @chrislhayes

QOTD: Chris Hayes

by digby

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Go to work tomorrow, if you’re in session, which you never are, but on the off chance you ever go to Congress, just pass a one-sentence bill that repeals sequestration.

As I've said a thousand times, this was not written in stone, it did not come down from Mt Sinai, it was an agreement that was struck to save face in the moment and it can be unstruck at any time. There is nothing absolutely requiring the congress to go through with this. There is some discussion that the only way this can happen is if the people see that government services they need are being affected and then put pressure on the government to end this game of chicken. Maybe that's true. But let's not kid ourselves that it isn't a purely political bind these people have gotten themselves into. This goes back to the ill-fated 2011 Grand Bargain negotiations in which both the White House and the Republicans in the House bungled things so badly that we are still dealing with the fallout.