Alternative Media Imbalance, by @DavidOAtkins

Alternative Media Imbalance

by David Atkins

Senator Menendez appears to be innocent:

An escort who appeared on a video claiming Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) paid her for sex has told Dominican Republic police that she was instead paid to make up the claims in a tape recording and has never met or seen the senator before, according to court documents and two people briefed on her claim.

The woman identified a lawyer who approached her and a friend to make the videotape, according to affidavits obtained by the Post. That man has in turn identified another lawyer who gave him a script for the tape and paid him to find women to fabricate the claims, the affidavits say.
The "story" about Menendez bubbled up through the right-wing "news" site The Daily Caller and gained traction from there in the traditional media.

It reminds me of the time that some liberal hacks paid off people to lie about a Republican Senator, the story "broke" on Daily Kos, and then the entire media world talked about it for months.

Oh wait. That didn't happen, because it would never happen. The Washington press is wired for Republican control, and that includes the credibility given to alternative media sources.