Certain extremists are finding good success in their homeland battlefields

Certain extremists are finding good success in their homeland battlefields

by digby

Let's just say that certain forms of terrorism seem to bring good results. This one came just today in a state that just four years ago featured a cold blooded assassination by an anti-choice extremist:

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, condemned Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS) for being the latest governor to sign a sweeping anti-choice bill into law.

The “kitchen sink” bill includes a “personhood” provision, which if allowed to go into effect, would effectively bans abortion in Kansas in almost all cases. Even worse, it would ban many common forms of contraception, stem-cell research and in-vitro fertilization. The law also narrows the exceptions under which a woman can legally obtain abortion care at any point in pregnancy-- even if the pregnancy results in grave danger to the woman’s health. Finally, the law includes biased-counseling provisions which politicizes what doctors say to their patients in the privacy of their offices, and blocks medical professionals who work at facilities that provide abortion care from teaching sex education in schools.

“As politicians in states continue to race to the bottom by blocking women from accessing legally protected medical care, Gov. Brownback just reached a new low,” Hogue said. “Brownback’s signature indicates his disdain for women, by making it clear that he think politicians know better than they do about their families and their lives. This governor and his fellow anti-choice politicians in the state house have shown how out of step they are with modern American values--most Americans believe women know best how to run their lives and their families.”

I'm sure Scott Roeder is pleased with his work as well.